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Trendwatch – GIRLS ON FILM

February 1, 2010

I swear, I have been talking this over and over with a friend of mine lately, a photographer I often do shoots with. We planned on doing a HD version of our next shooting and start to experiment with this new medium, after we saw a really nice and arty film of a shooting on the web appearance of I love you magazine. He told me then, he realized videos seem to be everywhere now in fashion, instead of shootings or just as makingofs. Unfortunately the last shoot had to be cancelled and now I read an article about exactly this new fashion phenomenon at karen´s blog “grapegathering”. Videos not only seem to be the future of fashion media, she says if you look around you realize its already there. And she is right. Its not even that new.  Nick Knight has done films/clips for quite a while now, for example with designers like Galliano and Gareth Pugh. Gareth Pugh was anyway one of the first who started to experiment on this with a really professional result.

Now Vogue is doing it, high fashion brands like YSL and Marc Bouwer, smaller labels like butterflysoulfire and of course all the independent, avant-garde fashion magazines like Metal and I love you.

It can appear as the film version of a photoshoot, as a film made at a actual fashion shoot (like a making of ) or like a real video clip.

It is so interesting because it ties music and fashion even closer together and makes the online magazines and the web itself even more important as a tool for fashion. And I am very excited in what direction the whole thing will go and how it will develop.

As Karen said, for the moment its still a totally new media with no guidelines and rules yet – or role models to copy. Its just you and the camera and creativity.

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