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NYC Fashionweek – Alexander Wang

February 15, 2010

I read from fashion insiders, that Wang´s new collection kinda lost the universal approach that is so Alexander Wang, which was in their eyes the result of him trying to do something really new . Wang was one of the young designers who were able to bring tendencies and current spirit around the scene to life and make them fashion. So he did with the 90s vibe, that had been around for quite a while now: red and black velvet , crop tops, grunge-inspired super-short grey knit dresses with thigh high knit gaiters, self-fabric backpacks , a maxi leather coat , with inspiration coming from Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, for example.

This gave some insiders the feeling, that the collection was only wearable for younger women, not like his former collections.

Wang himself said about the collection that he was thinking about tailoring – Wall Street suiting specifically – and about slicing apart the classic components of bespoke menswear and reconfiguring them. 

I have to say, that this aw collection might be quite straight in its 90s – grunge approach when you see it as a whole, but taking the single collection pieces each by itself I think  most of it is still wearable/combineable for women of every age and style. Pinstripe pants and blazers, delicately draped cocktail dresses and grey knit cardigans should make every woman´s heart beat a bit faster.

Furthermore, it might not be revolutionary new, but I really like his sharp tailoring, his approach to the 90s and simply the it-girl- coolness of the collection .

Backstage details on the top by V Magazine/more on V Mags website !

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