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TRENDWATCH – kindergarden couture

March 23, 2010

Man , I have always loved coloring books as a little girl, especially those where you could color pretty girls´clothes. Now, two super-fashionable coloring books were published, which allow us to be kids again -without being childish 🙂 I mean, there´s nothing childish about wanting to be able to draw like the big couturiers, or at least own some of their drawings, and maybe – color them..?? 🙂

First one is 

“Le Cahier de Coloriage” by Yves Saint Laurent, a coloring book of 37 pages, full of fashion drawings by the master.

Second one is “My Wonderful World of Fashion: A Book of Drawing, Creating and Dreaming ” by Nina Chakrabarti, takes you on a journey of 700 illustrations on 272 pages, wich can all be colored. Nina Chakrabarti studied at Central St. Martins and Royal College of Art and still lives in London. She works for magazines like Vogue and companies like French Connection.

The last product on this post has absolutely nothing to do with drawing, but with fashion and kindergarden. I would maybe not buy it, but to be honest, I would like to have it. No matter if by Steiff for Karl Lagerfeld or in green vinyl by Acne , couture teddybears are always cool.

Teddybear , green vinyl, by Acne, available in different colors

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