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April 8, 2010

I think it is time to write about Damir Doma. After I read that both Kuki de Salvertes of Totem and Samuel Drira of Encens Revue named him amongst the brightest new talents for the future of fashion design in the current issue of Metal Magazine, I started to read more about his collections and background. He actually studied fashion design at ESMOD in Munich and Berlin and graduated with the best collection, went to Antwerp to work for Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger and finally launched his own brand “Damir Doma” in 2006 together with the Paper Rain Group.

This year, he showed his first womens´collection, which seemed less post-apocalyptic then the mens’ show, but still very ethereal and futuristic.

Intellectual avant-garde, ethereal and futuristic, yet timeless , this is what comes to my mind when trying to describe his designs.

He explores the interpretations of contemporary masculinity and feminity with his designs which express themselves in avant-garde silhouettes.

I find him very inspiring, as he is one of the young designers who seems to embody the new “end of the slim” for woman.

I found some nice backstage pics of the WMNS show, at Sonny Vandevelde´s site.

And here´s the impressive mens´AW 10/11 show:

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