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April 11, 2010

I already announced that I would do a little interview with the lovely guy behind Le Château en Couleur , Tobias Heumann, as there is soon a big party for the 2nd anniversary of his label. I had too much wine that evening and an overdose of Erol Alkan, so I apologise for the delayed publishing. 


Tobias, you´re just 21 and you are right in the middle of your studies at AMD in Munich , but you are already celebrating the 2nd anniversary of your label. When and how did it all start?

It started in 2008 when I began to sew stuff together with my girlfriend back then. Her mom was a designer and taught us a lot. We really got into it and an important part of my A-levels was a work about bags and packaging. I finally founded the label”le Château en Couleur” in March 2008 and sold the bags online and at SpielbarTragbar in Munich. Now there are distributors in several German cities. 

Did you all build it up on your own or are there persons who mainly supported you in this time?

Of course, there has always been support from friends and people who like my designs, and thank God I can deal with graphic design for websites and all that necessary stuff myself .  I work together with Nicolas Droessel for the photos of my collections and I am very glad I could get to work with Patrick Mohr on a bag for a collection and experience such professional work at an early stage.

Who or what inspires you, what aesthetics are the basis for your designs?

I find inspiration in beautiful moments, in conversations, sometimes in sleep as well. There is not a fixed basis, its more a feeling. It´s the details, decent details, that are really important to me.

Which materials do you mainly use , what are the bags made of?

I mostly use suede and nylon, sometimes also calfskin. All bags are handmade and unique and the cool thing is that you can pick one of our basic designs and the rest will be entirely custom made to your wishes.

You are also a DJ and one of the guys behind the “So Not Berlin” partys , what is your opinion on the connection between music and fashion, or the influence of music on fashion and vice versa.

Well, its obvious that fashion and music are connected , but very independent from each other at the same time – I´d call it a “not very harmonic” symbiosis. Its very interesting to follow the development that goes on in the US though, were electro DJs like the Designer Drugs boys have their very own influence on the fashion the kids are wearing, far away from its real origin in Europe.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

There are definitely some friends like Martin (Mac) Meier , whom I´ve liked to work with for some time now.

Any idols ? … Music and fashion…

That might sound a bit cheesy, but its the same with both of them. If you put a lot of love and passion in what you do it automatically becomes admirable – no matter if I like it immediately or not.

Are there any concrete plans for future projects or collections?

I have a small T-shirt collection coming up together with a partner and a collaboration in the area of industrial design with one of my “idols”.

What is your goal with Le Château en Couleur in the future? Do you want to expand or can you imagine working on totally different projects later on?

Le Château en Couleur will always be my “baby” and at the moment I cant really imagine to expand into other areas with it cause I dont want to lose the respect for the idea that makes it what it is. However, I am of course always open for interesting, creative projects. Ideas cant be constrained – you have them or you dont. 

It would be horrible for me if I couldnt do creative work anymore, but creativity and inspiration can be found everywhere, right?

Thank you very much for the interview and the nice evening Tobias! 

The party will take place on April 23rd @Isabellastr.32 in Munich,

check out the flyer below or go to !!!

Here´s some of his adorable bags:

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  1. April 13, 2010 7:52 pm

    Merci again.
    Nice talking to you…

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