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WASTED GERMAN YOUTH SHOP OPENING – “mein brand, mein Shop, mein block.”

April 12, 2010

mein brand, mein Shop, mein block.

“Shop is the window to the world for me the artist, the brand and the business.”

paul snowden’s WASTED GERMAN YOUTH flagship store ‘Shop’ 
opens in berlin, april 16th, 2-8pm just drinks, nothing big.


” the probably necessary spoken in 3rd person marketing wank
…that was 1999. 6 years later the time was right for a logo and some stickers, the first tshirts were printed up and crazily enough history was written. paul came up with the now-iconic wonky black lines and the contrasting white letters in his font, ‘futura extra-bold condensed’, and a t-shirt-classic was born. the look and the message was hardcore, honest and tough. WASTED GERMAN YOUTH had captured the moment and most importantly, made it appear totally effortless. what paul snowden actually created with WASTED GERMAN YOUTH is something that can only happen once, maybe twice, in any designer’s career. it’s not just about being in ‘the right place at the right time’, it’s about understanding the times and the people and delivering a message which says it all. that is exactly what WASTED GERMAN YOUTH accomplished. 
from a literally handprinted bedroom operation to a worldwide design and pop culture phenomenon. ”

memhard strasse 1
10178 berlin

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